the roads were familiar, yet the air unacquainted,

i could memorize my past, although unfairly tainted.

was this home? did i know all these faces?

why the lonely feeling? were the echoes lost in mazes?

backgrounds have changed, but she still stands tall,

the walls, the trees estranged, yet her eyes say it all.

she has waited so long, to see her ungrateful kid,

love is teary, silent sometimes, and love is what she did.

She lies when she smiles, she smiles and buries her pain,

The distance is too much, she wants no wealthy gain,

How can I stay adrift, No more shall I roam,

let the backgrounds change,

let the walls estrange,

my home is her and now .. I am home. 😊

Tracking a driver’s location and his actions is a crucial part to every ride sharing platform. Every action that a driver takes, has an effect on the underlying system which is trying to find the best driver for an order. This essentially makes every driver action an event that might trigger multiple separate events in the system. Let’s take an example.

Charlie is a very moody driver. He just cancelled his last 4 orders after accepting, which in turn upset the customers, because they had to wait longer to get a driver and they were very eager to go home…

We search for kindness, when the dreams are broken,

Wounds silently kill us, when long left open.

We struggle, we hustle, we wait for the rain,

We stay a minute longer when everyone leaves the train

We fight all the lights, lights make us remember,

We light all the fights, fights that deemed us tender,

We succumb on distractions, we don’t dig up hearts,

We like the tiny fractions, we don’t like the big parts

We think of them who were there, we hope they will return,

We hide from them who are here, we fear that they will turn,

Self in Ruby has the same meaning as in our daily dictionary — the object of introspection i.e. Oneself. A more technical definition would be -
Self gives you access to the current object in a program.

The self keyword is a very interesting concept in Ruby. It is globally accessible and always returns the current object to you. At the topmost level, when self is used outside of any class or method , it will always return Main. Let’s see what are the basic uses of self in Ruby.

When defined inside a class

Whenever self is used inside…

Convention over Configuration is a pattern/paradigm in the software development world which aims at gaining simplicity in the development approach, and as a result of these conventions, the developer has to make lesser number of decisions as the framework makes most of them.
It relies on the development of an application by using the framework’s inbuilt procedures.

Let’s say that you are hosting a dinner party for one of your friends and wish to make a new kind of meal to impress him/her. You have two approaches to do it.

The first approach is the hard approach where you build…

Many a times in Golang you write a line of code which logs and exits the program. Some would argue that this results in ungraceful shutdown of your app but what puzzled me was how would I test such methods or lines of code that exit my test suite itself. Turns out you can easily do this by spawning a subprocess and letting that exit while having control over the main thread.

Let’s say, you have a config without which you don’t want your application to start and you write something like this:

package configimport (

Sartaj Singh

Dust thou art, thou dust returnest

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