the roads were familiar, yet the air unacquainted,

i could memorize my past, although unfairly tainted.

was this home? did i know all these faces?

why the lonely feeling? were the echoes lost in mazes?

backgrounds have changed, but she still stands tall,

the walls, the trees estranged, yet her eyes say it all.

she has waited so long, to see her ungrateful kid,

love is teary, silent sometimes, and love is what she did.

She lies when she smiles, she smiles and buries her pain,

The distance is too much, she wants no wealthy gain,

How can I stay adrift, No more shall I roam,

let the backgrounds change,

let the walls estrange,

my home is her and now .. I am home. 😊

Sartaj Singh

Dust thou art, thou dust returnest

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